iGO Deluxe Line Marker
€ 1,666.00 EUR ex VAT

Product number: 1011153

Linemark iGO de Luxe, as the name suggests, is the luxury version of Linemark iGO - the unrivaled alignment machine, which can quickly and efficiently create unified and perfect lines for example. football courts, racecourses, sports facilities, parking lots and more. It is possible to line an 11-man soccer field with just 1 liter of color - this at a 8 cm line width. Linemark iGO Deluxe is delivered as standard with an electric nozzle stop and handle so that the freely suspended side panels can be lifted. The side plates ensures that the lines have the same width even on extremely exposed training courses, where pits and elevations are everyday. The line machine can operate at pressures from 40 to over 100 PSI at the electrical nozzle head. It only applies to finding the right combination of pressure and nozzle that fits your plant. The robust frame of the machine helps keep the course going. Behind the Linemark iGO line-up machines are English groundsman, whose goal has been to create the best possible equipment for lining, among other things, ball plans.