Impact Flush Thru
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Product number: 1011151

Impact Flush Thru is a specially formulated detergent for use in iGO and iGO Mini. Used for regular cleaning. This prevents paint residue from accumulating in the pipes, filters, pumps and pads of the machines.Rinse the machine's piping system with water. Then use about 2 deciliter Flush Thru. Pump Flush Thrush through the machine until it is foamed at the nozzle. Allow for 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Flush Thru can be used with water diluted 1: 1 in the cleaning of nozzles and filters between each painting cycle. Store used nozzles and filters in the Flush Thru Water Mix for better cleaning of nozzles and filters.

Use rubber gloves when handling Flush Thru detergents.

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