Impact Paint
€ 54.00 EUR ex VAT

Product number: 1011149

Eco-friendly line painting - provides high quality and is economically advantageous. The IMPACT color is ready to use. It lasts a long time, provides high quality and is economically advantageous.  The line painting gives a beautiful final result when ball plans are to be aligned with elegant white lines. IMPACT is available in white in five other colors, all of which can be used on grass. IMPACT are both environmentally friendly and biologically biodegradable. The colors have been developed for use in iGO, iGO Mini, and iGO RIDE-ON machines, but they can also be used in other compatible machines. Linemark's conical iGO nozzles are specially designed to provide maximum effective and economical markings without adversely affecting coverage, visibility or color.

Dosage, first line:
2 l to ball, 2-3 l to sports facility, 3-4 l to Allsvenskan / Paradytor

Dosage, alignment:
1 l to ball, 1.5-2 l to sports facility, 3 l to Allsvenskan / Paradytor