Linemarker iGO
€ 1,354.00 EUR ex VAT

Product number: 1011152

Linemark iGO has been developed by English groundsman who want the best possible equipment for plane care.
Most people who get acquainted with the machine are surprised by how easy it is.

The rigid frame makes it easier to hold the course. The free-hanging side panels ensure that the lines have the same width even on extremely exposed tracks, where roughness and bumps appears. The line machine can work with pressures from 40 to over 100 PSI at the nozzle head. It only applies to finding the combination of pressure and nozzle that fits your plant. It is possible to line up an 11-man soccer field with only 1 liter of color on 8 cm wide lines. The lining machine is also easy to rinse clean, inside as well as externally. To the machine there are a large number of nozzles to choose from. With the optional iGO, the iGO machine can also handle alignment of treadmills (three tracks at a time). The location of the spray assembly is optional; On the page or on the middle (default).