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iGO Deluxe Line Marker Prime

SKU 1011164
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Ordinarie pris € 2,090.00 EUR - Ordinarie pris € 2,090.00 EUR
Ordinarie pris
€ 2,090.00 EUR
€ 2,090.00 EUR - € 2,090.00 EUR
Nuvarande pris € 2,090.00 EUR

iGO Deluxe Line Marker Prime

The iGO Prime offers users all the benefits of the iGO Deluxe but with the addition of a twin probe circulating system.

  • New twin probe, circulating system for internal paint distribution
  • Six hours constant spraying time from powerful 20 Amp power unit
  • Pre-drilled disc spacers for quick and easy line width changes
  • Fingertip control of lifting and locking disc mechanism
  • LED battery life / charging indicator
  • Solenoid valve provides instant paint cut-off eliminating leakage on turf
  • Pneumatic tyres for excellent surface stability and manoeuvrability
  • Easily accessible heavy-duty pump for consistent paint output

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