Javelins 800

Nordic javelins is a hallmark among competitive sport men and organizers all over the world. The famous Swedish javelins were first manufactured from thin-walled steel tubing by Seefab, Sandviken, more than 50 years ago, and have since then earned worldwide fame. In 1973 Nordic Sport took over the production.

A wide range of top achievements have been made with Nordic javelins; Numerous Olympic medals, World Championships medals and World records. The result achieved by a javelin thrower depend of course on his competence. The materials and the construction of his javelin, however, are of the utmost importance.

As a result of unique know-how and intensive research, the quality of the Nordic javelin has continuously been improved. We are determined to maintain this development.

Nordic javelins have won more championship medals and beaten more records than any other javelin in the world. Nordic Sport presents a wide range of javelins. All manufactured with the famous Nordic finish and Nordic quality.

New Technology

Advance Tip Control
What is Advance Tip Control, it is our way to optimise moment of inertia of the javelin. The new ATC technology makes the javelin correct it self directly to the path you have thrown it in and the javelin will have less tendency to change direction while in flight. It stays on the path you have thrown it. The other biggest benefit is, that you will feel what direction and path the javelin will go already in the run-up.


What determines the distance of a javelin throw?

The athletes skill is the most deciding factor when it comes to throwing distance. This guide is focusing on how different aspects affect how the athlete perform. How they make javelin thrower feel as comfortable as possible with the javelin.

Skill lever
Javelin are made for different skill level of the athlete. If for example a beginner start throwing with Expert level javelin, the javelin will not perform what it was intended to perform.

Here is how we rated skill levels:

  1. Novice
  2. Advance Beginner
  3. Skilled 
  4. Specialist
  5. Expert

The stiffer the javelin, the less it will flex/vibrate in the air and will result in less air drag. The down side is that it puts a lot more strain on the upper body.
A soft javelin flexes/vibrates a lot, which can also be a very good thing if you are less skilled thrower.

This is the difference between throwing an iron pipe and a fine tuned javelin.
The two most driving factors when it comes to the cost of a javelin is the choice of material, and fine tuning of the geometry.  We have invested a lot of time to find the best aerodynamics for the longest flight depending of the javelins stiffness and balance.

Balance together with Aerodynamics will decide when in flight at a given velocity the javelin will turn its tip down towards the ground.
If your javelin has a tendency to flat land you should try javelin with lower level in Aerodynamics and Balance. Our top performing javelins have mass centre almost on the allowed limit by World Athletics.

Champion Carbon Flex 4.8 - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Champion Carbon Flex 4.8

SKU: 7916800C

€ 1,090.00 EUR ex VAT

Airglider Carbon Flex 4.5 - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Airglider Carbon Flex 4.5

SKU: 7916803c

€ 1,070.00 EUR ex VAT

Champion "Sandvik" Classic Steel - Nordic Sport

Champion "Sandvik" Classic Steel

SKU: 7916805

€ 940.00 EUR ex VAT

Valhalla 800 Hard NXS - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Valhalla 800 Hard NXS

SKU: 7918801C

€ 930.00 EUR ex VAT

Valhalla 800 Hard NXB - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Valhalla 800 Hard NXB

SKU: 7918800C

€ 930.00 EUR ex VAT

Orbit Steel Flex 6.6 - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Orbit Steel Flex 6.6

SKU: 7916808

€ 930.00 EUR ex VAT

Airglider Steel Flex 6.1 - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Airglider Steel Flex 6.1

SKU: 7916803

€ 902.00 EUR ex VAT

Valhalla 800 Medium NXS - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Valhalla 800 Medium NXS

SKU: 7918803C

€ 890.00 EUR ex VAT

Valhalla 800 Medium NXB - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Valhalla 800 Medium NXB

SKU: 7918802C

€ 890.00 EUR ex VAT

Champion Steel Flex 6.4 - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Champion Steel Flex 6.4

SKU: 7916800

€ 890.00 EUR ex VAT

Valkyrie 800 - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Valkyrie 800

SKU: 7918804C

€ 815.00 EUR ex VAT

Super Elite 800 Flex 6.8 - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Javelin Super Elite NXS 800 ATC

SKU: 7916801

€ 735.00 EUR ex VAT

Master 800 Flex 7.5 - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Master 800 Flex 7.5

SKU: 7913800

€ 440.00 EUR ex VAT

Viking 800 - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Viking 800

SKU: 7922800

€ 165.00 EUR ex VAT

Comet Rubber Tip 800 - Nordic Sport

Comet Rubber Tip 800

SKU: 7968800

€ 130.00 EUR ex VAT

Comet 800 - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Comet 800

SKU: 7961800

€ 88.00 EUR ex VAT