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Vaulting Poles

Pole vaulting poles - wide range

Pole vaulting is one of the athletics' jumping branches that is also part of the decathlon. When you compete in pole vaulting, there are no rules that regulate how long a pole vaulting pole can be or what material it is made of, but the most common material is fiberglass. The material that the pole vault poles were made of has developed over the years. They were originally made in hickory wood before switching to bamboo. During the 1950s, they began to manufacture the jumping poles in steel, but already in the 1960s, the first poles came in the material fiberglass. Namely, it was discovered that fiberglass creates a catapult property on the pole vault and this revolutionized the pole vault discipline and the new kind of poles resulted in the world record being increased by a quarter of a meter in the year 1963 alone.

Different lengths of pole vault pole

Although there are no rules that say how long or short a stick can be, the competitors often have a preference based on their own taste and preference. We at Nordic Sport therefore have a wide range of lengths for our jumping poles.

Our Nordic Pole pole vaulting pole, which is made of a unique material mix, is available in many different lengths, where the shortest pole is 3.35 meters and the longest is 5.20 meters. Our second pole vaulting pole is the Nordic Evo, which is available in lengths from 4 meters up to 5.20 meters, which is also made in a unique material mix that differs from other vaulting poles on the market.

Accessories for pole vaulting poles

We have a wide range of accessories for your pole vaulting pole. Everything from pole plugs made of plastic or rubber to bags that allow you to easily transport your poles from and to training and competitions. It holds up to eleven pole vaulting poles without any problems. If you instead need good storage for many poles at, for example, a facility or similar, we have a storage garage that makes it easy and safe to store a larger number of jumping poles.

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