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Soccer goals - wide range

Soccer is one of the world's biggest ball sports and is practiced in everything from the school yard to large arenas in many places around the world. Everything from young people to professional players who, together with their team, must put the ball into a soccer goal. We have a wide selection consisting of soccer goals and related equipment. Everything from metal frames down to net clips to attach the net.

Football equipment online

We deliver everything from large soccer goals for stadiums to small goals that stand in a school yard. Regardless of whether it is a Fifa match to be played or the group of friends wants to shoot the ball at each other, we have a soccer goal that fits. Our soccer goals are made of durable materials that are easy to assemble and maintain. Depending on the environment in which the soccer goal is to be used and stored, they can vary in what you need for the type of goal and what accessories you may need.

How big is a soccer goal?

The size of the soccer goal is determined by how many players participate in each team. We sell goals for the 5-man, 7-man, 9-man and 11-man forms of play, which are some of the most common sizes. If you don't know which soccer goal to choose and which suits your business, we can help. We have a wide range of sizes and can supply affordable football goals regardless of whether matches are to be played with 11 players or 5 players per team. If you need the exact measurements, we have listed them below:

11 men – 7.32 x 2.44 m
9 men – 6 x 2.2 m
7 men 5 x 2 m
5 manna 3 x 2 or 3 x 1.5 m
School yard target medium 1.8 x 1.2 m
Minimum goal stable 1.2 x 1 m

Accessories for soccer goals

We sell various accessories that are useful when handling or using your soccer goals. If you have a lot of soccer goals that you have to manage, tractor goal lifts may be a suitable tool for you. You can easily move the goals and protect not only your body but also the soccer goals. Another accessory that helps you easily move the goals are different wheels that you easily mount or temporarily attach to the frame of the soccer goal and then can roll to where you want to place the soccer goal. We also have a range of clips that hold the net in place in the frame profile. For example, we have a large one called Power Press, which are not only easy to mount, but also easy to change if necessary.
Arena football goal 11-11 - Nordic Sport

But de football Arena 11-11


€ 1,950.00 EUR ex VAT

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Longlife 11-a-side - Nordic Sport

Longue vie à 11


€ 1,950.00 EUR ex VAT

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Football Goal Plus 11-a-side - Nordic Sport

Football Goal Plus 11


€ 1,020.00 EUR ex VAT

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Longlife 9-a-side - Nordic Sport

Longue vie à 9


€ 1,863.00 EUR ex VAT

| /
Longlife 5-a-side - Nordic Sport

Longlife à 5


€ 1,010.00 EUR ex VAT

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School Yard Goal Medium - Nordic Sport

But de cour d'école moyen


€ 360.00 EUR ex VAT

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School Yard Goal Small - Nordic Sport

Petit but de cour d'école


€ 340.00 EUR ex VAT

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Tractor Goal Lifter - Nordic Sport

Tracteur Goal Lifter


€ 1,950.00 EUR ex VAT

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360 wheels for Longlife goals - Nordic Sport

Wheels 360 pour les objectifs Longlife


€ 196.00 EUR ex VAT

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Football Goal Lifter Plus - Nordic Sport

Lève-but de football Plus


€ 69.00 EUR ex VAT

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EcoLock 20 pcs - Nordic Sport

EcoLock 20 pièces


€ 9.00 EUR ex VAT

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Eco Locks 100 pcs - Nordic Sport

Eco Locks 100 pièces


€ 42.00 EUR ex VAT

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Net-Cliq - Nordic Sport



€ 9.30 EUR ex VAT

| /
Net-Cliq-Plate - Nordic Sport



€ 19.60 EUR ex VAT

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U-shape Anchors for Goals - Nordic Sport

Ancrages en forme de U pour buts


€ 35.00 EUR ex VAT

| /
Net locks Power Press 200pcs - Nordic Sport

Serrures filet Power Press 200pcs


€ 250.00 EUR ex VAT

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Longlife sarg 15x10 m - Football goals NEW

Longlife sarg 15x10 m


€ 3,400.00 EUR ex VAT

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Football goals small 3 vs 3


€ 490.00 EUR ex VAT

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