Hurdles for athletics

Hurdles are used in many different ways in athletics, but are predominantly associated with hurdling and steeplechase. The competitor must, at a specific distance, pass a number of hurdles in a correct and approved manner. For an optimally completed race, the strategy is to only take 3 steps between the hurdles on the short distances, but can clearly be changed if the runner is losing energy or if the stamina is gone.

What kinds of hurdles are there in Track and Field?

Depending on whether it is a hurdle that is used in hurdling or steeplechase, they are constructed in different ways. In hurdling, you use hurdles that topple over if you hit them. In steeplechase, on the other hand, the hurdles are fixed and will not topple over if a runner hits them. We at Nordic Sport have a large range of different types of hurdles for Track & Field and have extensive experience in supplying hurdles for championships and competitions around the world. All our hedges are easy to handle and can be easily stored without taking up much space.

Different functions of hurdles for athletics

Many of our hurdles for athletics have features that make them tilt back if knocked over or self-adjust the counterweight when you raise the bar. Our fully automatic hurdle adjusts the counterweights itself when you raise the height of the bar and is therefore flexible and easy to work with. We also have a mini-hurdle that has been developed and is excellent for training when you want to train your footwork or your fitness, for example. Two qualities that are important for a hurdler and for track and field athletes in general.

Accessories for Hurdles

We also have various accessories for hurdles for athletics that make it easy to store and move them. We have three different types of pushchairs where you can choose based on preference or what you need. For example, our hurdle cart, which you load from the side, can be connected three by three, which creates the possibility to move and store 60 athletics hurdles at the same time.
Hurdle Automatic Elite - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Hurdle Automatique Élite


€ 285.00 EUR ex VAT

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Hurdle Alu-Elite 2 - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Haie Alu-Elite 2


€ 170.00 EUR ex VAT

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Hurdle Viking Steel - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Haie Viking Acier


€ 115.00 EUR ex VAT

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Spring Back Hurdle Elite - Nordic Sport

Hurdle Spring Back Elite


€ 81.00 EUR ex VAT

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Training Hurdle Plus - Nordic Sport

Entraînement aux obstacles Plus


€ 73.00 EUR ex VAT

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Tilt Hurdle - Nordic Sport

Obstacle d'inclinaison


de € 37.00 EUR ex VAT

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Steeplechase Hurdle 5.0 m - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Steeple-chasse Haie 5,0 m


€ 980.00 EUR ex VAT

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Steeplechase Hurdle 3.96 m - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Steeple-chasse Haie 3,96 m


€ 950.00 EUR ex VAT

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Indoor Steeplechase 1.98m - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Steeple-chase Haie Indoor 1.98m


€ 680.00 EUR ex VAT

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Wheels For Steeplechase - Nordic Sport

Roues Pour Steeplechase


€ 175.00 EUR ex VAT

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Steeplechase Water Pit - Nordic Sport WA Certified

Steeplechase Waterjump haie


€ 950.00 EUR ex VAT

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Splash Guard Steeplechase - Nordic Sport

Splash Guard Obstacle de course d'obstacles


€ 150.00 EUR ex VAT

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Steeplechase Water Jump Form - Nordic Sport

Formulaire de puits d'eau de course d'obstacles


€ 12,000.00 EUR ex VAT

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Cover For Water Jump Pit - Nordic Sport

Couverture de fosse de saut d'eau


€ 8,200.00 EUR ex VAT

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Hurdle Cart Sideloading 20 - Nordic Sport

Chariot à haies à chargement latéral 20 haies


€ 1,400.00 EUR ex VAT

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Hurdle Cart Backloaded 40 Hurdles - Nordic Sport

Hurdle Cart Backloaded 40 haies


€ 2,400.00 EUR ex VAT

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Hurdle Cart 10 Hurdles - Nordic Sport

Chariot à haies 10 haies


€ 755.00 EUR ex VAT

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Mini Hurdle - Nordic Sport

Mini Obstacle


de € 25.00 EUR ex VAT

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Hurdle Crossbar - Nordic Sport

Barre transversale d'obstacle


€ 22.00 EUR ex VAT

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Hurdle Cart 20 Hurdles - Nordic Sport

Hurdle Cart Backloaded 20 haies


€ 1,940.00 EUR ex VAT

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