Athletics/Track & Field

Athletics equipment - wide range

As one of the world's leading suppliers of equipment for athletics, we must have quality products and provide a wide range. We have supplied athletics equipment to several different championships around the world and know what is required. Under the references page, you can see which championships we have delivered athletics equipment to and which championships we have been a total supplier to.

Track & Field is a sport that has been practiced since ancient Greece and has since then developed and taken the form we see today. As early as 1896, the first Swedish championship in athletics was held and has been organized every year since then. Athletics is a sport divided into the categories of running, walking, jumping, throwing and all-around, and each of them forms its own branch in the competitions. Each branch uses athletics equipment that is unique to that branch, hence our full range of specific athletics equipment.

Equipment to suit everyone

With us you will find material for archery beginners and athletes at the elite level - everything from our manufactured javelins and vaulting bars to our high jump pits and throwing cages. Athletics is an inclusive sport because it is so diverse and has so many different disciplines. You can find what you are good at or practice all branches if you wish. If you can't decide on a discipline, you can practice all-around, where you train and compete in five, seven or ten disciplines where you need to be good in several disciplines and be able to handle different types of athletics equipment.

Athletics equipment for all year round

From having been a summer sport, they have now created the conditions to be able to train all year round. There are a number of athletics halls around Sweden that are fully equipped with the necessary athletics equipment. Apart from some adjustments to, for example, running distances, it is just as easy to train and practice athletics both indoors and outdoors, and the athletics equipment is the same for both. Accessories such as storage garages, trolleys for equipment, storage bags and rain covers make it easy and convenient to store and transport the equipment, regardless of whether it is outdoors or indoors.
Thermopad Ankle - Nordic Sport

Thermopad Ancle


€ 19.00 EUR ex VAT

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Thermopad Back Lumbago - Nordic Sport

Thermopad Back Lumbago


€ 84.00 EUR ex VAT

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Thermopad Back Single - Nordic Sport

Thermopad Back Single


€ 48.00 EUR ex VAT

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Thermopad Calf - Nordic Sport

Thermopad Calf


€ 26.00 EUR ex VAT

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Thermopad Elbow Basic - Nordic Sport

Thermopad Elbow Basic


€ 30.00 EUR ex VAT

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Thermopad Knee Basic - Nordic Sport

Thermopad Knee Basic


€ 28.00 EUR ex VAT

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Thermopad Knee Hinged - Nordic Sport

Thermopad Knee Hinged


€ 66.00 EUR ex VAT

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Thermopad Knee Patella - Nordic Sport

Thermopad Knee Patella


€ 49.00 EUR ex VAT

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Thermopad Knee Reinforced - Nordic Sport

Thermopad Knee Reinforced


€ 40.00 EUR ex VAT

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Thermopad Pants - Nordic Sport

Thermopad Pants


€ 75.00 EUR ex VAT

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Thermopad Thigh - Nordic Sport

Thermopad Thigh


€ 32.00 EUR ex VAT

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Thermopad Vest - Nordic Sport

Thermopad Vest


€ 97.00 EUR ex VAT

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Thermopad Wrist Left - Nordic Sport

Thermopad Wrist Left


€ 27.00 EUR ex VAT

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Thermopad Wrist Right - Nordic Sport

Thermopad Wrist Right


€ 27.00 EUR ex VAT

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